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Soon you'll have a chance for a profitable transaction.
Click on the Merchandise button. Buy some shirts. You get a cool shirt, and I get some money. That's a profitable transaction for everyone.

A special moment lies ahead.
Woohoo! Buy one get one free ice cream!

Your ability to love will help a child in need.
Since I love me, I guess it will be my inner child that's getting help.

Now is the best time for you to be spontaneous. Serendipity!
I'm pretty sure most of the people who won Darwin Awards were spontaneous. I'll stick to thinking before I act.

A surprise gift from another will leave a lasting impression.
You're going to be sick with mono for a while.

Your principles mean more to you than any money or success.
That's easy to say when no one's made an offer yet. Show me some dollar figures, and I'm willing to be flexible.

Meet the Characters

meet the charactersMeet Chris, Billy, Eis, Derek, and all the other characters

Eis' Hero Guide

eis hero guideSince Eis is such a superb hero, he's giving out lessons.

Fortune Cookies

“You will soon witness a miracle.”
Spam will be made with quality meat!


rpg gameSeven great heroes quested to defeat evil... they all died

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