"Comic perfection, one pixel at a time."


Focus on the color purple this week to bring you luck.
But the roulette table only has red, black, and green.

Need some adventure and enjoyment? Take a vacation.
I recommend Fascistland, where you are required to have a good time.

You should do well at making money and holding on to it.
And in a few months you might get moved from fries to the register.

A friend or partner will soon be calling on you for help.
I ain't paying your bail.

Meet the Characters

meet the charactersMeet Chris, Billy, Eis, Derek, and all the other characters

Eis' Hero Guide

eis hero guideSince Eis is such a superb hero, he's giving out lessons.

Fortune Cookies

“You will soon witness a miracle.”
Spam will be made with quality meat!


rpg gameSeven great heroes quested to defeat evil... they all died

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