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Mongoose 29


Pooky uses Care Hare Stare on Bluish and badly injures him.
Purple tries biting Von but misses.
Bob takes a swing at Beige with his sword and skins his hide some.
Alice commands her mutant guinea pig to attack Gray. It misses.
Gray tries attacking Pooky but also misses.
Bluish bites the Boy but hits a metal button on his clothes and chips a tooth.
Redish claws Bob but his claws need sharpening.
Vomit hits Bob. However, a softly rolling tumbleweed could have done more damage.
Beige attacks Von, but Von is too hopped up on drugs to notice.
Dark attacks the Mutant Guinea Pig but misses.
Ugly swipes at the Boy but only snags his shirt.
Von throws his Monster Disc at Purple, but it simply bounces off him.

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