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Mongoose 49


Checkers uses Devour on Pooky and takes an ear off.
Red uses alchemy to try to surround the monster with dirt and squish him but misses.
Alice shakes the Boy until he wakes up.
Nutty summons Carbuncle to cast Reflect on the group.

Checkers swipes at Alice. She tries to defend with her scalpel but inadvertently stabs herself instead of the monster and passes out.
Pooky then fires his Care Hare Stare at Nutty to bounce it back at Checkers. However, Nutty and Pooky didn't notice that Reflect missed on them. As Pooky's beam streaks at the unprotected Nutty, Nutty screams out, "NOOOO!" A pixy flies down in answer to Nutty's scream, is fried by the beam, and redirects it a Checkers. Checkers is badly wounded.
Bob digs himself out from under the dirt.

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