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Mission 2: The Lord of the Pies

Kinkajou 24

Apparently Nutty and Sparky are too fatigued to fight right now because they stand there and watch.
The Blue Screen of Death tries to use System Failure on Bob, but an error occurs in his BIOS and he crashes.
Under Maintenance tries attacking Nutty, but he is too injured for his program to function properly.
Bob then uses his ?Swedish Kung-Fu? (also known as drunken brawling) to attack Under Maintenance, whom he permanently deactivates.
Lastly, Pooky uses the Power of Wuv and Fwendship to try to revive Red.

Kinkajou 22

Having served his purpose, "Vivi" leaves.
Pooky tries to use Care Hare Stare against the Blue Screen of Death, but he uses Glitch to alter the beam's path.
The Blue Screen of Death then uses System Failure on Bob, but Bob's unaffected.
Bob uses Berserker Rage and becomes empowered with reckless savagery.
Under Maintenance uses Glitch against Pooky, but it fails.
Badly stunned, Sparky ops out of the battle and plays her Nintendo DS instead.
Critical Error attacks Red, and nothing happens.

Kinkajou 21

Red then uses her scythe to attack the Blue Screen of Death and Under Maintenance. The Blue Screen of Death gets his ears bobbed and Under Maintenance gets a bad crack.
"Vivi" uses Fire 3 against Critical Error and Disconnected.

Kinkajou 20

The Blue Screen of Death tries to use System Failure on Pooky, but the black bunny blissfully shrugs off the attack.
Pooky counters by using Demoralization on the Blue Screen of Death who gets creeped out by the large hare he couldn't crash.
Blackout attempts to cause Nutty to blackout, but he hiccups and makes himself pass out instead.
Nutty uses Summon FF Character and brings forth someone named "Vivi".


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