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Scurvy Dogs 130


After using Absorb Abuse to ready himself, Pooky asks the captain, "What are you searching for??

For some reason, this simple question causes the captain to go all paranoid and freak out. He responds, "What do you mean? Don't you know? We're Pie Rats. Is that a trick question? Are you trying to get something out of me? Are you wired? Who are you working for, the Hamster League? This is all a trap isn't it?! I won't let the League take me so easily!"
The captain then shouts to his critters, "All rats, to arms! Take them dead or alive!"

Pooky responds, "Crew, unleash heck! Tee hee!"

The captain swings a sword at Pooky but misses. Pooky tries to retaliate with a hug, but the captain dodges.

Scraggly attacks Derrek, but he dodges.

Warchef sees Nibbles licking one of his spoons and tries to throw him through a wall, but Nibbles avoids being grabbed. He then bites Warchef in the neck and he goes down from blood loss.

Mangy bites Martine. Martine tries to toss Mangy through a portal, but he avoids it.

El Fuego uses Summon Flamin' Hot Cheetos to fill the hull and smother the rats. Flea Bitten and Scrawny chew and dig their way out, but the other two are stuck.

Scrawny lunges at El Fuego with a sword, but El Fuego uses his super speed to throw the rat out the window.

Gilbert wants to attack a rat, but there aren't any near him, and he's having trouble getting his pudding to move.

Squeekipeep swipes at the captain and knocks him into the water. He then says to the rats, "Join us, and together we can rule the seas as Rodent's of Awesomeness!" One rat, nicknamed Slow Wits, listens and starts to think, "Maybe I should join. Their nickname for me isn't very nice."

Derrek fires the cannon and the ball soars straight over the deck of the rats? ship.

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