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Scurvy Dogs 135


Gilbert, saddened at the loss of his ship and humanity, goes back to his roots - opera. It goes to the tune of the most hideous song you can think of:
"I once was a shipmate so proud
We got some new crew, but they were kinda loud
When asked to do a simple task
Their lazy turned to crazy
Tried to kill the skipper and ate ol? Flipper
Oh, I got the comic character blues?.
"We pillaged some towns
Made fun of clowns
And now here we are
On a beach without a car
Oh, I got the pirate blues?.
"I wish I had fingers
Or an opposable thumb
So I could drink this bottle of rum
But I?m half pudding
Becoming less human each day
Oh, I got the mutant pudding-bear blues?."

To shut up Gilbert's horrible singing, Red Reaper uses Harbinger of Life on Gilbert's little bear girlfriend. A soul starts to leave the Netherworld, but Death stops it. So a soul still needs to go into the bear. Pooky's is as good as anyone's. His soul departs his body and now resides in a girl teddy bear.

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