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Scurvy Dogs 221


The robed dork quickly puts on his BB&B Magazine Press Badge and walks over to the newly arrived group of people and introduces himself saying, ?Hello, I am Cale Garreth. Writer/Editor for BloodBath and Beyond Magazine, the official magazine for the popular game company Game Atelier and their hit Battleaxe line of miniature games. I assume you all are here for the Tournament. I am here to cover the contest and am prepared to offer contracts to any participants who look like they would make a good 28mm figure. Can I get each of your names, occupation, combat style, and reason for entering the Certo Tournament?

He smiles as the wind flows through his hair, and everyone can't help but want to be his friend for some reason.

Squeekipeep responds, "My name is Squeekipeep. I am an adventurer, and I am not afraid of any challenge. I am here to fight for honor and justice by destroying an enemy who is turning great warriors into Heartless. I was once, myself, a Heartless and I will not allow others to endure the pain I have endured!"

Pooky then says, "I be Captain Pooky of the late Desperado and the current Vanguard, and this be my crew. We want to sign up for the Certo Tournament to show our mettle and might! As for me, I be an exiled Underworld fuzzbundle who fights with furry feet and fire from mine eyes! Any who stand against us face my demoralizing fear and curses of the depths!"

Pooky then thinks to himself, "Tee hee! It's such fun to talk all piratey!"

He continues, "As for being a 28mm figure, let me help you in manufacturing my likeness!"

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