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Scurvy Dogs 26


Stu takes a moment to reorient himself, as having your entire cellular structure disassembled and reassembled isn't as smooth a process as Star Trek would have him believe. With the original Captain gone and the fighting stopped, Stu shouts, "We've won!! Hip Hip, Hoorah!  Hip Hip, Hoorah!"
Stu then mans, er turtles, the helm and sets a course for the open sea. He asks "So pirateers, where to?"

Taking command of the ship as the new Captain, Martine says, "Right. It seems half of you aren't getting paid, and this is a pirate ship, so how about we go pirate up some money. Stu, take us out of the harbor, then find us a nice ship to rob."

Stu attempts steering the ship, but he doesn't really know what he is doing or where he is going.

Red is wet and cold and tired and bleached and finds that, for the moment, she really doesn't care WHO is in charge of the stinking ship. So she decides to sit down and make a little cape for Spike out of her replacement robe.

Feeling bad about having stabbed the new Captain, Squeekipeep says to Martine, "I must apologize, Martine, I didn't intend for my sword to cause harm. I just do not like to see unarmed people get beat up." He then says to Martine, "Are you sure you're up to the task of running this ship?  If you're not sure, I'd be willing to help.  I could lead these people to greatness.  Here, I'll prove it." Squeekipeep walks over to Gilbert, shakes him, and says, "Hey, get up you lazy worker and swab the deck!"

Gilbert rolls out of the hammock and grabs a mop while grumbling something about liking the previous management better.

Pipi decides to try coming out her shell and addresses Stu, "The Bahamas!!! Let's have a PIRATE CRUISE!!!  We can sail to beautiful ports, go on exciting tours, then sack them and keep the loot! Besides, fuel is expensive these days." She then launches verbal attack on Martine (get your dictionary for this), "You pusillanimous, tyrannical, la-di-da parvenu! I should carve etymology vocabulary into your anatomy for striking a sweet, gentle girl whose back was turned. Nevertheless, I will serve on your ship provided you apologize big time for the flailing thing...and the servant comment...and you write a note to my professors excusing me from any pop quizzes I miss."

Martine: "You are right my lady. It was improper of me to punish you while you were not my servant. However, you must admit that mutiny is not the proper way to convince a change of authority. As to the letter to your former masters, I will certainly write to them concerning your change in status."

In honor of the new Captain and such, Warchef prepares a feast of Chicken and Dumples with Mashed Beef and Roast Hash. The food smells okay. It might actually be edible.

Derrek climbs up a ladder of himselves back aboard the ship.

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