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Kinkajou 5


Pooky: "Yay!  I love toasting marshmellows!  They make me so warm and fuzzy inside!  I wonder how a stuffed winged marshmellow would taste?  Mmmmmm....
Aww, I know what you townsfolk need!  You bah humbuggers just need a little touch of the Power of Wuv and Fwendship!  Everybody hold hands and sing!
Sing with me!
Power of Wuv and Fwendship!
Get rid of their frown!
Make them all not care that
Their homes have all burned down!
Power of Wuv and Fwendship!
Give them all a smile!
Make them not see their homes as
A giant smoking pile!
Power of Wuv and Fwendship!
Take away their tear!
Remind that they have so much
More horrible things to fear!

Meet the Characters

meet the charactersMeet Chris, Billy, Eis, Derek, and all the other characters

Eis' Hero Guide

eis hero guideSince Eis is such a superb hero, he's giving out lessons.

Fortune Cookies

“You will soon witness a miracle.”
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rpg gameSeven great heroes quested to defeat evil... they all died

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