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Adventure 3: Please, No One Attack Us Right Now

Scurvy Dogs 73

In the back of Pooky's mind, a vague memory taunts him, and he struggles to remember what it was. After several minutes, he remembers something... red. Red! Pooky realizes that Red Reaper was not on board when the Desperado took off. He shouts, "Gilbert!  Hammer the whammy bar and turn this boat around! We seemed to accidentalwy left someone behind! Let's get Red Reaper!  We won't leave without her!" But as they near the shore, he sees the mob and then yells, "Never mind! Let's go!"

Scurvy Dogs 71

Squeekipeep accepts the new position of security officer aboard the Desperado and places rat traps below deck.

Gilbert buys a new hammock and reports for duty on the ship.

Stu is swapping out the ship's steering wheel for a guitar. Cause a guitar is somehow better for steering craft? What? He also installs the BOOM and DOOM buttons on it.

Scurvy Dogs 69

Pooky says, "We should move out a cannon on the Desperado for a ballista and appoint Martine the resident enemy crew shooter!  Tee hee!"

Martine accepts the position on the Desperado, and buys a ballista for it.

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Now the proud owner of the Desperado and having fit it with the rainbow sails, Pooky takes a moment to squeal in delight. He then goes and plans out his crew of Gilbert as pilot, Stu as first mate, Squeekipeep as security chief, and Warchef as cook. The others can join up as they desire. He also looks over the available ship weapons and threatens to hug the portmaster again to maintain the discount prices. The portmaster will comply so long as Pooky stays away from him.

Scurvy Dogs 66

Heading over to the portmaster, Pooky uses his money to purchase the Desperado. Wanting to get a bit of a discount, Pooky hugs and cuddles the portmaster, squealing with glee and threatening to never ever stop huggling him forever.
Portmaster: "Alright, I?ll take off 10%! Just let go of me!"

*Pooky has purchased the Deperado!*

Pooky: "Loyal crew, we now have means to pilwage and pwunder!  Tee hee!"


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