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Scurvy Dogs 66


Heading over to the portmaster, Pooky uses his money to purchase the Desperado. Wanting to get a bit of a discount, Pooky hugs and cuddles the portmaster, squealing with glee and threatening to never ever stop huggling him forever.
Portmaster: "Alright, I?ll take off 10%! Just let go of me!"

*Pooky has purchased the Deperado!*

Pooky: "Loyal crew, we now have means to pilwage and pwunder!  Tee hee!"

And thanks to the discount, Pooky has enough money left over to buy the rainbow sails.

Knowing that Red Reaper could and probably will bring unspeakable doom upon the island people, Gilbert wisely abandons his idea of trying to fix their former ship (too expensive anyway). Instead, he offers to pilot whatever ship they end up with. He suggests speed over firepower when choosing a new ship.

Martine goes with the portmaster to look at merchandise for their ship and is certain to handle anything he thinks looks nice.

Since Stu's broke, Pooky just purchased the Desperado, and Stu prefers to work for a fellow critter instead of a human, he offers to serve as Pooky's first mate and resident engineer. To show his motivation, he offers to replace the Desperado's steering wheel with a multicolored steel guitar. Stu says to his new captain, "Captain Pooky, it looks like the other pirates are divided, I think we should gather the mouse with the sword, the slacker who can drive, the artillery twins... or guy, and the handy Frenchmen... either way, we should get out of here before that Orc eats us and the Red reaper turns the whole island against us.  Besides, there's another ship for them to terrorize in."

Warchef asks the shady guy for more info about the jobs.

Shady Guy:

"The blue stones job pays 5,000 money.
There is a small town that mines them on Silicis Island. You will need to acquire 3 large boxes of them.
You have 5 days to complete it.
The gold coins job pays 10,000 money.
The man lives alone on Opulens Island, but his estate has security. The coins can all fit in one box.
You have 3 days to complete it."

Warchef reports back to the others. After telling them about the jobs, he says, "One job pays 4,000 money and the other pays 8,000 money."

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