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Adventure 5: Ominous Omnis

Scurvy Dogs 138

Since the Captain's somewhat incapacitated, Stu will follow his commander's example and call upon the powers that be:
"Power of Wuv and Fwendship!  
My Captain is a gal!
Please transfer him and make things right
So he's our cuddly pal!
"Power of Wuv and Fwendship!
This body is quite queer!
Please make of me what I once was;
A turtle engineer!
"Power of Wuv and Fwendship!  
Don't leave us to this fate!
Restore us Pirates once and for all
So we can procrastinate!"

Scurvy Dogs 135

Gilbert, saddened at the loss of his ship and humanity, goes back to his roots - opera. It goes to the tune of the most hideous song you can think of:
"I once was a shipmate so proud
We got some new crew, but they were kinda loud
When asked to do a simple task
Their lazy turned to crazy
Tried to kill the skipper and ate ol? Flipper
Oh, I got the comic character blues?.
"We pillaged some towns
Made fun of clowns


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eis hero guideSince Eis is such a superb hero, he's giving out lessons.

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