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Scurvy Dogs 14


Lucky fires a pistol at Stu and lightly wounds him.

Derrek sends his clones to mob Lucky.

Uncertainty: "Are you sure it's a good idea to rush the guy pointing a gun at us?"
Derrek: "As I am technically not the one doing the rushing...yes, yes it's a fabulous plan. Now get to mobbing that pirate."

But Lucky has obviously taken some wounds in his life, what with having no hands, feet, or eyes left. So he is able to withstand the assault from Derrek's spawn.

Warchef, still holding tight to Red's hands, tries to force her to do the Macarena. But Red uses her strength to break free of the Warchef.

Stu tries using his Infallible Argument to get Lucky to join their cause.

Stu: "Lucky, think about it, if you join us you'd be the best qualified to lead us!  The Captain's already dead, so you'd get a new hat, a new coat, and any new limb extensions you want.  It's all yours if you just tell the Warchef to chill out."

Lucky: "Save your breath. I am no traitor."

Red Reaper kicks Pooky awake so he will stop lighting her on fire. She also decides to terminate Temporary Revival of Enemies on the Captain.

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