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Scurvy Dogs 24


Squeekipeep feels bad for hurting Martine so badly. He didn't know Martine couldn't take the pain, so he decides to help Martine wake up by shouting, "Hey, Martine, wake up!" And? of course that doesn't do anything. Good job, Squeekipeep. 

Lucky helps his new captain by pouring some strong booze down his throat.
Lucky: "You don't need blood with this stuff running through your body."
Martine's eyes open, and he gasps painfully at the burning in his throat. He says, "The ship? out of danger?" Looking at the pool of his blood, he tries to figure out what happened and who stabbed him.

Pooky begins to stir, rocking back and forth, groaning the cutest groan you've ever heard. Recovering from the blunt trauma by water impact, he gets up, wobbles around a bit, and then gets oriented to where he is.
Pooky: "Ohh, last I remembered was a big blast of water!  I must have dodged it, seeing as I'm still on the ship!  But what's going on?  Oh, Mar-mar is wounded!  Let's fix that, shall we!"

"Power of Wuv and Fwendship!
Martine needs some..."
Pooky sneezes, and instead of love and blessing descending on Martine, a dark purplish sort of beam of doom shines down and burns against Martine. High blood alcohol still keeping him going, Martine is only hurt a little. Pooky's not off to a very good start impressing the new Captain.

Red Reaper summons her minion, Spike, to retrieve her a new robe. He does so, but chewed a few holes in it in transit.
Red Reaper: "Doggone it Spike, what did I tell you about EATING my replacement robes?!"
Still bitter about getting beaten up by the pirates, she tries using Harbinger of Death on Lucky, but nothing happens. Maybe she doesn't have that skill. Maybe she's not actually a lord of the Netherworld. Maybe she's really just a freak in a cloak.

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