"Comic perfection, one pixel at a time."

Scurvy Dogs 34


Aboard the Copyright Pirates' ship, the blatant image rip-offs now have two targets they can attack.

Feral Barney hurts too much to effectively attack.

Low Graphic Wario swings a tire iron at Red Reaper but misses.

Charredmander breaths fire at Warchef. Warchef, used to handling hot food without ovenmits, ignores the fire.

Captain Globe is busy controlling the whirlpool.

The Green Morphine Ranger uses some corny, pseudo martial arts on Red Reaper while shouting "Ha!" and "Right!" every two seconds. Not only does he completely miss hitting her, but he accidentally punches a hole into Coffee Man, spilling out all his blood, er, coffee.

Jar Jar punches Warchef in face as hard as he can. Warchef just growls back.

The Shroomba slowly walks into Warchef, thinking that will somehow hurt him. Warchef ignores the dumb creature.

The T1001 slices at Red Reaper, but she evades him.

So, to recap, in an 8 against 2 fight, six of the Copyright Pirates accomplished NOTHING, and another one accidentally killed his ally. Apparently it pays to have the originals instead of pirated copies.

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