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Scurvy Dogs 4


The others seem less upset about their plight. They introduce themselves. Pooky is the black bunny, Squeekipeep is the large mouse, Stu is the large turtle with a mechanical shell, and Martine is the freak.

Gilbert: "For those who have recently come aboard, let me introduce myself: I am Gilbert Sullivan ? formally of Her Majesty's Ship Pinafore and some moon lighting with the Pirates of Penzance. Consider yourselves blessed that you will bear witness to my heavenly voice, throughout the journey!"

Pooky: "Hello, everyone!  I'm so happy to be working with all of you today!  I hope we have so much fun adventuring together!  I hope!  I hope!  I hope!"
He then hops over to Lucky and gives him a big hug.  "Aren't you the cutest little limbless little thing there ever was!  Aren't you the cutest!"

Lucky: "Request permission to kill one as an example, Captain."

Captain: "Nay. If need be, we can beat one as a pi?ata for fun later." 

Seeing Squeekipeep, Martine says, "Oh dear.  The size of the rats on this ship is just dreadfull!"

Squeekipeep: "A rat?  I am a mouse and my name is Squeekipeep.  Normally, I would challenge you to a duel, but I will forgive you because I don't fight with girls."

Martine: "Oh, it talks!  My appologies, fair mouse.  As a nobleman, I grant you this marble bust to restore my honor."  

Stu puts on his shades to try to look cool, and then tries to make friends with Lucky by upgrading his hooks.

Stu: "Those hooks just won't do!  Try this chainsaw attachment and robotic hand."

Lucky declines.

Lucky: ?I don't need help from some lowly hand? even if he's offering a hand."

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meet the charactersMeet Chris, Billy, Eis, Derek, and all the other characters

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