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Scurvy Dogs 6


Pipi: "I think I'm hurt--my roomie wouldn't talk to me the whole ride!  Anyway, I'm Pipi. I'm a grad student at (gasp!) We're here! I can't believe my parents bought me a cruise for Spring Break! I can't wait to see dolphins! Hey, someone get a picture of me with the man in the cute pirate costume!"

She hugs Lucky.

Now that Midna is inebriated, she is much happier. In her drunkenness, she warps aboard the ship numerous penguins.

Putting aside her anger at the captain for tying her at the bow, Red Reaper introduces herself to the crew. "Hi, I'm Red Reaper and, seeing as how we overmatch the captain and "Lucky" in both power, strength and number why don't we just take over the ship?  I always wanted a boat!"

Warchef grabs some dough from his pocket and quickly whips up a batch of Cannonballized UglySticks which he distributes to the Captain and Lucky.  

Squeekipeep thinks it's way too weird to own a sculpture of his own face, so he says, "Er.... thanks.... I know just what to do with it...... I'll use it to make a peace offering with the ocean gods for a safe voyage." He then goes over to the edge of the boat and throws it into the ocean. He then says to himself, "What a strange..... person..... "

Stu says to the Captain, "Where are we heading? Where's your captain's license? If boat A leaves port heading Southwest at 18 knots and boat B sails Southeast at 24 knots, how long will it take boat A to realize there's no food in the hold, catch up to boat B, plunder all their goods, and be on their way?"

Captain: "Yarr, this one talks a lot. His spirit needs breaking. Mayhaps barnacle scraping be fitting."

Martine: "Capitan, your ship is now without a figurehead! What shall we do? Wait... would you be interested in purchacing a new figurehead for the ship? Marble weathers too fast, but I could do something in granite maybe... "
He pulls out catalog and starts jabbering about pricing and finance schedules.

Captain: "Make that two barnacle scrapers."

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