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Team Mongoose

Mongoose 36

Orange tries to bite Derrek, but the fleeing hunter dodges.
Derrek leaps off the cliff, hoping Suicidal Tendencies will catch him.
Plaid chases and attacks but only scrapes the bottom of his shoe.
Monochrome also chases and foolishly jumps off after him.
Red uses her Flame Gloves but doesn't hit anything.
Pink attacks Alice, but she parries with her scalpel.

Mongoose 34

After being bitten by the ugliest monster Pooky has ever seen, Pooky blasts Ugly with his Care Hare Stare.
Dark tries to claw Sam and misses once again.
Sam takes a bite out of Dark and he goes down.
Ugly swings and misses at Pooky.
Suicidal Tendencies dashes over, grabs a javelin, and instead of using it properly and throwing it, he charges at Vomit with a mighty battle cry. He oddly is unable to hit a target.

Mongoose 33

Pooky decides to do a global curse against the group of monsters. Sam and Ugly become weak, but Beige and Dark now have numbers above their heads.
Bob continues carving into Beige with his sword.
Apparently unaware of Bob?s blade, Beige bites a chunk out of Von.
Dark tries to claw Sam and misses.
Sam retaliates and draws blood from Dark.
Ugly bites Pooky.
Suicidal Tendencies tackles Dark and pins him on the ground.

Mongoose 31

Über Bunny: "Helwo evewyone. Who is the one that keeps calwing whenever I step into the bathwoom? Oh well, I'm here now so wet's spwead some wuv and fwendship."

"I see a bunch of cwanky monsters. That won't do at all."



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