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Team Mongoose

Mongoose 50

No longer hungry for rabbit, Checkers uses his Quadra Arm Slash on Pooky and puts a single cut into him.
Pooky tries to jump and flatten Checkers, but the monster dodges.
Red summons "Spike" to bite Checkers' ankles. The fluff ball stands there confused.
Nutty throws Kupo nuts, but none hit Checkers.
Von uses his Ultimate Toss but does no better than Nutty.
Derrek rejoins the group and cowers behind Red.

Mongoose 49

Checkers uses Devour on Pooky and takes an ear off.
Red uses alchemy to try to surround the monster with dirt and squish him but misses.
Alice shakes the Boy until he wakes up.
Nutty summons Carbuncle to cast Reflect on the group.

Mongoose 48

Checkers does Quadra-arm Slash on Alice. Two of the attacks hit, and Alice is cut.
Pooky uses his Care Hare Stare, but Checkers uses Reflect and directs the beam at Nutty. Nutty is lightly singed.
Red tries her scythe, but Checkers blocks it.
Checkers tries using his Painful-to-the-Eyes fur pattern to make Von go blind. But Von throws dirt into the air to block his vision.
Von then counters with his Ultimate Toss. The Frisbee bounces off Checkers.

Mongoose 46

Orange takes a swipe at Nutty. But Nutty busts out breakdancing, and Orange can't touch him.
Sparky pulls out her Lightning gun and tries to fry Orange for attacking Nutty. Orange gets a lot of his fur burned off. You know, someone should tell Sparky and Nutty that things just aren't going to work out between a human and a moogle.
Clawing his way free from the dirt, Von chucks his Frisbee and hits only air and then the ground.


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