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Scurvy Dogs 10


Midna sees all the commotion and feels annoyed about the swivel gun. She warps out. A second later, she warps back in with an industrial-sized refrigerator, right above Lucky's head. The fridge is five feet above Lucky, and Midna is above the fridge. Since there is nothing to hold it up, the heavy appliance falls... At least, this is what she thinks is happening. In her drunkenness, she actually dumps the fridge off the side of the ship.

Suddenly seeing a Fridge appear boosts Warchef's morale even though his new found taste-testers are mutinous cowards. Letting out a huge battlecry, "FRESH FOOD!!!", Warchef runs forward and catches the fridge before it falls and potentially spills perishable goodness. He then realizes he is now in the ocean.

Meet the Characters

meet the charactersMeet Chris, Billy, Eis, Derek, and all the other characters

Eis' Hero Guide

eis hero guideSince Eis is such a superb hero, he's giving out lessons.

Fortune Cookies

“You will soon witness a miracle.”
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rpg gameSeven great heroes quested to defeat evil... they all died

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