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Scurvy Dogs 17


Those still on the ship:

Red uses Glare of Death on Lucky, but he dodges away.

Derrek climbs out of the mess of the clones that piled on top of him.

Warchef uses a sponge cake to dry himself off.

Lucky slashes Red with his hook and she passes out.

Squeekipeep has been hearing very strange things from the deck above while he was searching for his sword.  Most of it entailed "O Captian," "AH Captain," "I'll protect you Captain," and many screams of "NOOOO!" and what sounded like the Captain.  Then..... to top it off, he sees the ALIVE Captain jump below deck to work some contraption.  Last time he saw the Captain, the Captain was presumed dead.  So.... since all of the comradery, as far as he can tell, is on the Captain's side, he determines that being on their side might not be so bad.  Sure, he was shanghaied from his nice warm bed, but if a guy with no hands, no feet, and no eyes can capture him, then he deserves to be on the ship.  
Going up to the Captain, Squeekipeep says, "Squeekipeep the Adventurer at your service Captain!  I promise to be a faithful member of your crew.... so long as I don't have to clean chamber pots.  My fighting skills will not be wasted on such a vile job."

Pipi hears a squeaky noise and sees someone joining the evil Captain!  So she decides to use her logic to convince Squeekipeep to keep from joining the captain.
Pipi: "Swift swordsmouse, think carefully!  This lowly brigand has stolen us from our homes and already threatened us with the most vile tasks to which we are not suited.  He will abuse your honorable sensitivities!  Worse--he employs a cook of dubious hygiene who will almost certainly use you to flavor a stew before we are a week from shore!  If we are to return to our homes and families, particularly before midterms, we must band together to fight this cruel oppression!"

Squeekipeep ignores her.

The Captain points a sword at Pipi?s throat and tells her to surrender.

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