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Scurvy Dogs 19


Above deck:

Warchef decides to have fun with his annoying "communist" foe, and pours bleach on her cloak.

Derrek sends his spawn to try to distract the orc by asking for food.
Eagerness: "You know what time it is? I think it's LUNCH time!"
Passiveness: "Please good orc, sir, may we please have some lunch?"
Brain Damage: "Warchef, show us your skills of a cooking artist!"
Aggressiveness: "So what kind of food does a Warchef make anyways? Battlecakes?"
Gullibility: "I hear you make a good Mornin' Cornin'...any truth to that?"
The Warchef cannot resist and readies to go cook.

Lucky has had enough of the clones and figures killing the quiet one might silence the others. However, Derrek dodges Lucky's swift moving hooks.

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