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Scurvy Dogs

Scurvy Dogs 9

Pooky tries climbing the rope, but his stubby arms get him nowhere. So instead, he tries to demoralize the others with a threat of cuddling the winner and ruin their chances of outdoing him.

Pooky: "Go team!!! I'm so excited! Whoever gets to the top first will get huggles and snuggles from me for ever and ever and ever!"

Everyone but the War Chef becomes frightened.

Scurvy Dogs 8

Captain: "Ye land lubbers have squawked about long enough. Time ye learned ye duties."

Lucky: "On any pirate ship, you need to be able to climb a rope. So all of you start climbing. Warchef and Gilbert, show them how it's done. The last one to the top has to clean the chamber pots."

Scurvy Dogs 7

Pooky, seeing as he will be staying here for a while, decides to go below deck and find a room to make his own.  He picks out a nice sized room and calls upon the Power of Wuv and Fwendship to help redecorate.


Scurvy Dogs 6

Pipi: "I think I'm hurt--my roomie wouldn't talk to me the whole ride!  Anyway, I'm Pipi. I'm a grad student at (gasp!) We're here! I can't believe my parents bought me a cruise for Spring Break! I can't wait to see dolphins! Hey, someone get a picture of me with the man in the cute pirate costume!"

She hugs Lucky.

Now that Midna is inebriated, she is much happier. In her drunkenness, she warps aboard the ship numerous penguins.

Scurvy Dogs 4

The others seem less upset about their plight. They introduce themselves. Pooky is the black bunny, Squeekipeep is the large mouse, Stu is the large turtle with a mechanical shell, and Martine is the freak.

Gilbert: "For those who have recently come aboard, let me introduce myself: I am Gilbert Sullivan ? formally of Her Majesty's Ship Pinafore and some moon lighting with the Pirates of Penzance. Consider yourselves blessed that you will bear witness to my heavenly voice, throughout the journey!"


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